#NASPA Packing List: Add Value

What resource rocks your world? Could you be sharing it with others?  Is it inspirational or informational?  Will it save time, teach a skill or make others feel included?  Could it add value to the work and lives of other student affairs professionals. 

My Mama always said,”bring a gift.”  The best way to enter a new relationship is to be yourself and add value first.  I will share these three incredible resources with new & old friends at NASPA this year…

  • TED Talks – “Riveting talks by remarkable people from around the world”    It’s hard for me to believe that some folks have never seen one!  Spread the word.
  • CommonCraft – fantastic website where “explainers” breakdown everything from Cloud Computing to LinkedIn with short (3 minutes) , easy to understand videos.- Amazing!
  • Salt Sisters, our evangelists, #WLSalt & the movement. Join us at the #WLSalt Tweet Up.

What will you bring?   Pack well my friends…

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