The Power Comes in the Noticing

In The Art of Possibility, authors Roz and Ben Zander write about The Voice in the Head.  Basically, this is the voice that says, “You aren’t good enough.”  The voice says different things to each of us, but we all have it and is rooted in the fear that we aren’t enough – whatever that is for you.  In his presentations, Ben jokes that if you claim not to have a voice in the head, that is The Voice talking.

Recently, I have become more aware of my Voice in the Head.  Several weeks ago, I re-committed to several mindfulness practices such as daily journal writing, meditation, mindful eating (my big challenge) and constantly reminding myself to let the day unfold rather than trying to shape the day in a way I think is best.  There is nothing like mindfulness practices to make The Voice in the Head come in loud and clear.  That is the bad news.  That is also the very good news.

When I recommend meditation to my coaching clients, I almost always get the comment, “It didn’t work for me; I couldn’t stop thinking.”  That is The Voice in the Head fighting for its survival.  So, I tell myself and my clients, when you notice The Voice, thank it and send it on its way.  My personal visual is the thought floating away from me on a rapidly moving stream.  The gift of a mindfulness practice is the more your practice, the easier it becomes for you to notice The Voice, thank it, and let it go.  You don’t have to try to change it; the power comes in the noticing.

The danger of The Voice is that limits possibility – possibilities for ourselves and our organizations.  The Voice shows up all of the time; so often we don’t notice it.  It sounds like, “I can’t”, “I am not good at that”, “We can’t change that”, “That’s impossible”, “The problem is . . “, etc.  Pick a day to really notice when and how The Voice speaks in your head and in your organization.  When you hear it, say thank you and send it on its way.  Then notice what new possibilities come about for you and your team.

Cathy Smalley Pales, Ed.D.

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