Just Keep Swimming…

 For as long as I have known KristinRoe, she has exuded the mantra to “Just Keep Swimming” – and this was way before Nemo needed to be found. Kristin swam the Northumberland Strait and English Channel, and more importantly she has been a dear friend of mine since we were working the RLSbeat at the UniversityofGuelph.

 On this December 1st, WorldAIDSDay, I am inspired to think about the actions and endeavors by both Kristin and others who contribute to the cause. Kristin is an amazing lady who has dedicated her work and research to helping women & children infected/affected by HIV & AIDS. Kristin is also an avid promoter of local, sustainable action for women in her community and around the world. Her passion for social justice has motivated her to swim great distances, increase awareness, and raise funds for a few campaigns including the StephenLewisFoundation, FarmersHelpingFarmers and ChannelingHope.


I think about how Kristin empowers others to thrive, and this truly motivates me to contribute and give back in my own community. Her passion and involvement exemplifies the Margaret Mead’s quote:

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world.

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

 Although Kristin and I have not always been able to swim by each other’s side on a daily basis, I know we are always there to provide encouragement to kick and pull through the open water when the waves of life get rough. Swim on, my friend. Swim on!


Laura Pasquini


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