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The Power of Influence: Women Empowering Each Other

  I sat in dismay last night as I watched the news and saw women being brutally beaten by authorities in Cairo, Egypt. The one thing that transferred my anger and sadness into strength and a sense of empowerment was seeing the many women who joined together in marching and protesting against such injustice and [...]

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Conquering the Conference: My experience at the 2011 NASPA Multicultural Institute

We would like to thank Lauren Gaines, Academic Specialist at Michigan State University, for this guest post. A colleague asked me if I was excited, the day before setting off for the NASPA Multicultural Institute.  If anxious and excited were cousins, then at very least my feelings were sharing holidays together. The truth is, despite 2-3 years of membership, NMI would be my first real-life NASPA conference. [...]

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Lift While You Lead: Taking advantage of my seat at the table

This is a guest post from Robyn Kaplan (@rkaplan13), Associate Director for the Office of Student Leadership and Activities, at Hofstra University. We appreciate her taking the time to reflect on her experience at the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) hosted every year. After returning home from the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI), I’ve taken a few days to reflect on [...]

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