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Playing Big: A Mini-Workshop with Tara Sophia Mohr

We are often asked by tweeter’s both outside and inside higher education to share the story of #WLSalt and Student Affairs Women Lead.  We received the question a few weeks ago from Tara Sophia Mohr, a nationally recognized author and speaker on women’s leadership.  In the conversation, Tara spoke of her appreciation for the #WLSalt community, our retweeting and our sharing of [...]

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Shining a Light

Special thanks to Lisa Endersby for this guest post. I was taught that emotions are bad, wrong, entities that need to be controlled. Expressing and sharing my emotions makes me weak, vulnerable, too honest and too open. I was taught that leaders don’t cry. I must be strong, in charge and in control. Emotions are to [...]

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The Power of Influence: Women Empowering Each Other

  I sat in dismay last night as I watched the news and saw women being brutally beaten by authorities in Cairo, Egypt. The one thing that transferred my anger and sadness into strength and a sense of empowerment was seeing the many women who joined together in marching and protesting against such injustice and [...]

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