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Our promise to the #wlsalt community was authenticity in our lives as women and leaders. We haven’t hesitated from vulnerability in expressing those things that may be uncomfortable, even for us to write and hear. As we attended conferences over the past year, it felt as if the founding #wlsalt sisters were treated reverently, almost as if we [...]

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Worth One’s #WLsalt

You know her. Every day at work, you are amazed at what she can accomplish, how she values others, and how she makes imperfection look perfect. We would like to know her, too. To continue the amazing support we have seen on Twitter using the #WLsalt hashtag to spotlight the wonderful accomplishments of many professionals [...]

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Authentic Leadership: Empowering Others to Shine

(This is cross posted on Amber’s blog at Wow! It is only 12:30pm and my day has been full of enlightening moments. Right off the bat, I had coffee with a colleague this morning and we were talking about removing egos and working from a place of common purpose. This led us to a [...]

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