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Conquering the Conference: My experience at the 2011 NASPA Multicultural Institute

We would like to thank Lauren Gaines, Academic Specialist at Michigan State University, for this guest post. A colleague asked me if I was excited, the day before setting off for the NASPA Multicultural Institute.  If anxious and excited were cousins, then at very least my feelings were sharing holidays together. The truth is, despite 2-3 years of membership, NMI would be my first real-life NASPA conference. [...]

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I Want What I Want…(wait, is that okay?)

(cross posted to “The Feminist Lattice” blog – Time to chalk up another win for Twitter. Not just for being a great social networking platform (for me, that’s a given). The win comes from Twitter’s ability – yet again – to make me think about something I would not normally consider. This time – [...]

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