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Deans of Women: Forces of Progress in Higher Education

In honor of Women’s History Month (#whm) we have asked a couple of authors to share historical perspectives about women in student affairs. Our collective history illuminates our strengths as women leaders, the progress we have made, and the trails still left to blaze. We are honored to have this post written by Dr. Robert [...]

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Invitations to the Table

The following is a guest post from Cindy Kane, Director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at Bridgewater State University. Follow her at @cindykane. I was inspired by Amber’s post about the #WLsalt movement and contemplated her questions about what voices are missing from the table. It encouraged me to think about the [...]

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I Want What I Want…(wait, is that okay?)

(cross posted to “The Feminist Lattice” blog – Time to chalk up another win for Twitter. Not just for being a great social networking platform (for me, that’s a given). The win comes from Twitter’s ability – yet again – to make me think about something I would not normally consider. This time – [...]

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