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Our promise to the #wlsalt community was authenticity in our lives as women and leaders. We haven’t hesitated from vulnerability in expressing those things that may be uncomfortable, even for us to write and hear. As we attended conferences over the past year, it felt as if the founding #wlsalt sisters were treated reverently, almost as if we [...]

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Use Your Words.

(The following has also been published on The Courage for Mine.) I’m not proud to say that I had to clean up my language when I had children. More importantly, I had to clean up my language while driving after I had kids. I hope I am pretty moderate in my use of colorful language [...]

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Invitations to the Table

The following is a guest post from Cindy Kane, Director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at Bridgewater State University. Follow her at @cindykane. I was inspired by Amber’s post about the #WLsalt movement and contemplated her questions about what voices are missing from the table. It encouraged me to think about the [...]

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